Class of 2021 Shares Their Love For Ms. Holly


Belle Staley

As bedraggled students finish their finals, the seniors hastily put their senior pranks up (all of which are quickly taken down), the almost graduates try on the soon-to-be moth ridden graduation gowns- the senior class plots to commit one final act of rebellion as they walk down the stage. In the past years, when the seniors shake the hands of Dr. Pritchett, they all agree to entrust him a small token. From collectively handing him enough ping pong balls to host the table tennis open, to more than enough pennies for a rainy day, the seniors are always willing to transfer a small gift to Dr. Pritchett’s overflowing hands. Yet this year, as strange as it’s been, a true act of kindness was agreed upon instead. As each robed senior turned their tassel and collected their certificate, they all entrusted paper money to Dr. Pritchett. The pool of money collected was to be given to Ms. Holly to help pay for her medical bills. The palm to palm monetary exchange ended up totaling nearly 1700 dollars- a large sum of money for a greater good. The collective movement was spurred from the appreciation and love Ms. Holly relinquishes from any and all who meet her. Her extended absence this year due to health risks at RHS has not gone unnoticed, as her position at the school is one of the keen memories alumni look back on. Ms. Holly is still in urgent need of a kidney transplant- so she can return to her daily routine at the school of bringing happiness to everyone around her. If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a potential kidney donor fill out this questionnaire through the Mayo Clinic at this link