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Courtwarming is taking shape

Sophia Gesualdi and Adrienne Pyeatt, Staff Writers

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Each year, the Rolla High School Key Club hosts a winter dance that students know as Courtwarming. Inspired by the comic book character Sadie Hawkins, Courtwarming is the only dance at Rolla High with the tradition of girls asking boys to go with them to the dance.

“It’s only been called Courtwarming for two years. It used to be called Sweetheart, but [Key Club] changed the name so it wouldn’t be such a ‘coupley’ dance,” Senior Lacy Hance said.

Key Club has been working since the beginning of the school year to gather funds for the dance.

“The cost of the dance comes out of the Key Club budget. The various service projects we do increase our budget. For example, we sell raffle tickets for the local Kiwanis club and get a percent of the profit,” Senior Alec Falkenhain said.

The cost of the dance also depends on the complexity of the theme.

“The theme is a night in the secret garden. It is a combination of a nighttime theme and a garden theme. Some of the main props we are using are flowers and lights,” Falkenhain said.

Key Club then determines the decorations that must be made in order to give the dance a thematic atmosphere.

“We’ve been painting a lot and working on a cobblestone wall that will go where the stairs are that lead to the upper commons. It looks good, but it takes a while to paint it. Last year we had the garage area by the wrestling room, but this year we don’t have that, so we have to decorate in Mrs. Green’s room,” Hance said.

School dances can get pricy, but students who plan on going to Courtwarming should focus less on what to wear and more on enjoying the event.

“Courtwarming tends to be a more laid back fun dance. It is also held at the high school, which is unique. The king and queen candidates are voted on by Key Club, then voting is open to the whole school to select king and queen,” Falkenhain said.

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Courtwarming is taking shape