Students Lead Local FFA Chapter

Rolla FFA kicks off its 90th Year

Olivia Hunter, FFA Assistant Reporter

Since 1929 when our charter was signed, Rolla, Missouri has had a very progressive and thriving FFA Chapter. We have had numerous awards presented to our chapter as a whole, as teams, and as individuals. Our most recent and highest award was presented to a 2019 graduate, Hannah Strain. She was honored with an award for her SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) over Warm and Cool Season Forages. She was awarded at the national level and has been widely recognized for this great achievement.

FFA is a student led national organization of men and women, that reaches across America along with the Virgin Islands and most recently Ukraine. Through FFA young people are given so many opportunities. Members learn about agriculture, participate in a variety of contests, and meet people from all over the country who share similar interests.

This month our chapter started its year off with our Back to School Bash. Our Back to School Bash is our first meeting, and students enrolled in AG Science 1 or AG Science 1 and 2 are invited to attend. To start the meeting, the officers perform opening ceremonies and from there we show parents and students what FFA is about and how to become involved in the chapter as well as the community. We also talk about the different activities we have throughout the year. Those who attend the meeting, are also fitted for their official dress corduroy jacket if they plan to purchase one.

Also since school started our chapter’s trapshooting team has started practice and we also had our second meeting on September 17. We had good attendance from our members. There we watched Dukes of Hazzard and had a popcorn bar for everyone. On Wednesday, September 18 the chapters members received their jackets they purchased at our Back To School Bash Next week we have our Area Leadership Conference in Mountain Grove in the upcoming week.