FFA Chapter Keeps Tradition Alive in Local Community

Olivia Hunter, FFA Journalist

Over the past month our chapter has started our yearly Fruit Sales. This fundraiser helps our chapter by giving us most of the money we use along with help from our Chapter Alumni. This year each student enrolled in AG ED as a goal of $500 but is encouraged to sell more if they are capable to do so. The money we raise is what we use when we go on trips such as National Convention, Farm Fest, Wurdak, Leadership Conferences, and other trips that help our chapter. On October 10 our grassland team participated in the district contest where they placed 2nd overall. They went to state on October 17 where they placed 3rd. Grasslands will go on to compete in Springfield, MO at the national level June 2, 2019. The grassland members include April King, Caitlyn Kleffner, Allie Potter `1. On October 30, 20 students along with Miss Hannah Strain (former Rolla graduate, current FFA member) will be attending this trip. Hannah is receiving her American Degree, which is one of the highest degrees available to achieve.

National Convention is a yearly trip our chapter takes every year. The students chosen must submit a written application and grade approval from all of their teachers. While students are at this event, they attend general sessions where speakers talk among thousands of students are also taken to an expo center where they are able to walk around booths and talk to vendors about their booth, school, product, etc. The students are required to attend 2-3 workshops. The workshops are over a variety of topics, from the traditions of agriculture to learning how to be a good influencer.

Again over the past month we have had our 2nd chapter meeting and our Fall Public Speaking Contest. All of our participants will be advancing to state, Faith Ford, Vionne Brinkley, Loreanna Cook, and Charity Purcel. Loreanna placing 2nd overall and Charity as the 1st place alternate. In the upcoming months we have ham and turkey deliveries, that were sold during fruit sales. As well as our trapshoot on November 9. Along with our officer meeting on November 19 and our chapter meeting/hayride on November 26.