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Leadership hosts 1st annual 3v3 basketball tournament

Brandon Kirchner, Sports Editor

February 2, 2018

 Hosted by the Leadership program, tomorrow at 3:00 PM, 8 teams will be facing off in the 1st annual 3v3 basketball tournament located in the Rolla High School gym. Look for teams such as BBB, Brighter Than Your Future, Dumb...

What’s New? Volleyball.

What’s New? Volleyball.

September 21, 2017

Athlete Feature: Macy Moreland

Brett Gonzalez, Staff Writer

September 19, 2017

Fall sports season at Rolla High School has kicked off this year with volleyball, football, and soccer starting their seasons. For Senior Macy Moreland, this will be her last start to a season as an RHS student athlete. Macy...

Basketball team has a bond that extends beyond the court

Brandon Kirchner, Staff Writer

March 7, 2017

After a very successful 2015-2016 season campaign the Rolla Bulldogs lost four key seniors that lit up their offense. Sophomore Jonathan “Blaize” Klossner plays Point Guard for the Rolla Basketball Team. “We just...