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End It Movement aims to stop human trafficing

Sophia Gesualdi, Staff Writer

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Slavery is illegal, yet it still exists in our society. Organizations like the End It Movement have been working to make the public aware of this fact.

“The End It Movement is basically a movement to spread awareness about the already large and growing slavery still very relevant in our world today. Slavery is everywhere and it affects all kinds of people from all across the globe, so it’s extremely important that we familiarize people with the very real fact that it is happening and it’s an unacceptable issue,” junior Hannah Strain said.

On February 23, students of Rolla High were able to join together to raise awareness for the End It Movement. The Leadership class planned for the day ahead of time, and their preparations allowed the day to be impactful.

“Leadership Class is putting on the event the day of the movement so that students can show their support by wearing a red ‘X’ on their hands! We will also have donation jars so that kids can donate any spare change they have to help the cause, and it will go straight to a fund that helps enslaved people gain their freedom back. It really just makes students and faculty aware as to what is going on around them. It allows a chance for people to ask questions and feel a little bit more comfortable discussing the issue considering what a large part of slavery lies in sex trafficking,” Strain said.

The End It Movement expresses that slavery comes in many forms, and a prominent form is sex trafficking. Leadership Class plans to raise awareness and help fight against this in the future.

“We are working on another event to raise money for a specific group that will purchase these girls back and give them their lives and freedoms back later on in the semester,” Hannah Strain said.

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End It Movement aims to stop human trafficing