Freshmen reflect on their first week at RHS

Blaize Klossner, Webmaster

Transferring from the junior high to high school can be quite scary. While this seems to be a generic stereotype, Rolla High School is much more welcoming than one might expect. After speaking with a few freshmen, they confirmed that the high school is not as challenging as they originally thought.

When asked on her first impression of the high school, freshman Carli Libhart has all positive words.

“It’s not bad, we have a lot more freedom, I just don’t like the busy staircases,” Libhart said.

In an ideal world, high school would be perfect, but of course, it has its flaws. Freshman Jake Fuller is not a fan of the lunch shifts.

“I really do not enjoy how there are three different lunches. Also, I do not think we have enough time to eat lunch,” Fuller said.

Typically, junior high students fear of getting lost in the high school, but freshman Adam Hounsom has adapted to the new building well.

“It is not as confusing at all, I thought it was going to be a lot easier to get lost, but it is not,” Hounsom said.

Thanks to the welcoming students and faculty, the transition to the high school is easy and smooth.