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Girl Scouts impacting Rolla through community service

Audrey Roberts, Staff Writer

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The Girl Scouts is a national organization that encourages young girls to learn skills such as leadership and teamwork. There are over two million troops around the country, and every year between January and April they reach out to their communities to sell cookies.

Troop 10425, located in Rolla, are currently working towards their cookie goals. Troop members and Rolla High School students, Hannah Fryer and Sloan Davis, talk about their long time involvement in the group.

“We have both been in Girls Scouts since we were about three, before we could actually join, but we have been selling cookies since then,” Fryer said.

Between the Phelps, Dent, and Pulaski counties there are 11 active troops. Rolla’s troop, 10425, meets every Thursday night and takes to selling cookies every weekend. They boast over 30 members, aging anywhere from 5 to 18 years old. Their biggest fundraiser of the year is the cookie selling; they do this for many reasons such as supporting the activities they do throughout the year.

“We raise money for cookie credit, as well as a trip to Orlando, Florida for a big meeting in 2020. The money from the cookies also goes towards the badges that we earn,” Davis said.

Some of the money also makes its way back to the national organization so that it can be spread around.

“All the money that is made nationally helps pay for the camps in the area as well as a financial aid program for girls who can’t pay for their uniforms and books,” Fryer said.

Both Fryer and Davis sold over 1000 boxes of cookies last year each. Their strategies include social media, word of mouth, and getting out into the community. Both girls believe they have gained important life experience from this.

“By selling cookies the girls learn a lot of different skills, like counting back change. Most kids now don’t know how to do that, but we do,” Davis said.

As for the involvement in the community the Girl Scouts volunteer at the homeless shelter, Russell House, and GRACE. Davis and Fryer hope the community will continue to support them by buying cookies.

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Girl Scouts impacting Rolla through community service