Rich History Behind Labor Day

Emma Starns, Opinion Editor

   Labor Day weekend is often seen as the ‘last hurrah’ of summer. Many go swimming, attend barbeques, visit family and friends, and enjoy the day off of work and school. But why do we really celebrate it, and how did it start?

   Peter McGuire, a union leader, suggested in 1881 to the Central Labor Union of New York that there should be something to celebrate American Workers. The idea of this got around and slowly other states began holding ‘Labor Day’ celebrations as well, including picnics, concerts, and parades. In 1894 President Grover Cleveland was convinced to make it a national holiday, with the law taking effect in June later that year.

   Labor Day is not only about the food, the friends, and the day off of school, but to recognize the hard work done by millions of Americans each year. So relax, be thankful, and have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!