Seniors offer advice to underclassmen

Elena Bai, News Editor

As the school year comes to a close and the graduating seniors look ahead to their future plans, they were asked to reflect upon their high school experience and give some advice to underclassmen. These pieces of advice cover everything from academics to social life and school involvement to help underclassmen make the best out of their high school experience.

“If you want to be involved in an activity, don’t not do it because you’re afraid of what people will think. You don’t get a second chance at high school so take every opportunity that it gives you,” Marin Nielsen said.

“Do not be afraid to take risks and jump out of your comfort zone!” Stephanie Kim said.

“Don’t get too hung up or depressed about it. The four years that you are in high school don’t matter much in the long run, and if you hate it, then it will be over soon,” Tom Van Hoose said.

“Find your niche and you’ll be more than you ever thought you could be,” Tyler Fry said.

“School and education is important, but not everyone is meant to follow that path. Look into trade schools. Welders, construction workers, linemen, masons, automotive technicians and so many more!” April King said.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone out there who will listen,” Cassie Frayer said

“Don’t let high school intimidate you. Try your best to maintain good grades while also maintaining friendships with people. Too much of either one will not ensure the success of your high school career. Stay productive, be on top of your work, but enjoy time with your friends and have fun,” Helen Leventis said.

“If the subject of the class seems pointless because you don’t think you’ll use it ever beyond high school it’s probably trying to teach you how to think. Stop whining about the class, be nice and respect your teacher, and try. A little effort goes a long way,” Kendall Mara said.

“Grades aren’t everything. Make sure to take the time to actually live. Like join a club or a sport and get really involved in that one thing. You’ll develop great friendships and it will give you a break from all the stress of everyday life,” Brenna Heavin said.