Teacher Feature: Mrs. Shaw

Samantha Maddux

Hannah Shaw is a new addition to the teaching staff at Rolla High School this year. She is teaching three different classes: Conceptual Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. She is the daughter of a familiar face at RHS. Her father is none other than Rolla High School science teacher, Dr. Heaton.

Dr. Heaton was one of her biggest influences; however, her calling was not in the field of science.

“He made me want to be a teacher in the first place. But I was not a science [fan]. I was more math [oriented], so I became a math teacher,” said Shaw.

Shaw might be a new teacher at Rolla High School this year, but she is no stranger to the teaching profession.

“I’ve taught at Bourbon for one year, and St. James for the last three years,” said Shaw.

Shaw attended Cuba High School. For college, she went to Missouri Science & Technology for her Bachelors and Central Methodist for her Masters. When Shaw was in high school, she participated in sports and other activities.

“I did basketball and softball,” said Shaw, “I did math club, and I think a lot of outside school stuff.”

Shaw has many interesting hobbies.

“I’m a pilot. And I also ride horses for fun. So I have a couple different hobbies,” said Shaw.

Shaw owns her own plane and has her own horses.

“I have expensive hobbies,” said Shaw.

Shaw stated that her favorite thing about teaching is when students have a “lightbulb moment.” She explains this when, “kids all of a sudden just get it.”

Shaw said that the thing she looks forward to the most about teaching in Rolla is, “getting to know the kids, getting to see the differences from different schools.”

If Shaw could not be a teacher, she would choose a completely different field.

“I always thought about being a pharmacist, if I was not a teacher, or a pilot,” said Shaw.

It will be very interesting learning more about Shaw throughout the year. She is a great addition to Rolla High School’s math department. RHS students welcome Mrs. Shaw to Rolla High School.