Cox and Korich feeling ‘22 at senior prom

Meghan Williams

Prom has swiftly come and gone, but the memories are here to stay, stay, stay. The theme was “Feeling ‘22”, in honor of the class of 2022 and modeled after Taylor Swift’s hit song “22 (Taylors Version).” The queen and king candidates were Mallory Moats and Trevor Cox, Taniya Corley and Gage Klossner, Morgan Korich and Lucas Schoen, Quinn Guffey and Ethan Crouch, and Faith Taylor and Adam Hounsom. In case you couldn’t hear, after all the lights and noise were blinding, Trevor Cox and Morgan Korich were crowned Prom king and queen.
Cox had previously lost Homecoming king to Hayden Fane despite being the crowd favorite.
“It was kind of sad, but once you win Homecoming king you can’t win prom king. I thought of it as a blessing, you know? I lose this battle, but come time for prom, I’m winning prom king,” said Cox.
The competition was thick, but friendly.

“I went up against some good competition, some very good people. And it’s a blessing to win, because Adam, Gage, Ethan and Lucas are all very nice, very good people. It could have gone any way, but I’m just very glad that it was me because it’s an experience I will have the rest of my life,” said Cox.
Korich experienced a similar comeback arc. She was nominated for courtwarming queen and lost to Riley Slowensky.
“It was kind of expected. I didn’t really think I was going to win [courtwarming queen]. Although, I did think I was best dressed, so I had that going for me,” said Korich.
After hearing his name, and the chants that followed, Cox was stoked.
“I was very excited. Somebody gave me a hat, Matthew Blanton actually gave me a little fedora and it was like I was graduating. I threw it up in the air,” said Cox.
Korich, on the other hand, didn’t hear her name and was instead informed by the person next to her that she had won.
“People started patting me on the back and I was like, ‘What in the world is going on right now?’ so I was looking at Faith, I was like, ‘Why are they touching me?’ and she was like, ‘You won,’ and I was like, ‘No, I didn’t,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, you won,’ and I was like, ‘OMG,’” said Korich.
Although prom wouldn’t be prom without a little drama. Morgan’s date and fellow nominee Lucas Schoen was not voted prom king, but like any good sport he was just happy for her.
“It was very exciting, I’m very happy for her. [I] love Trevor. If Morgan and me weren’t dating and I got nominated I wouldn’t have accepted the nomination, I’m not big on it. I was very happy [Korich] got what she wanted out of it,” said Schoen.

Korich also had conflicting feelings about Lucas not winning.

“I was just really conflicted on whether I should take it or not,” said Korich.
Winning prom queen is unexpected and means a lot to Korich because growing up she wasn’t very popular.
“It feels like young me has been really given one, if that makes sense,” said Korich. “It feels like young me is really satisfied right now because whenever I was growing up, I was really weird and nobody liked me. Nobody wanted to be my friend. I didn’t have any friends actually. My only friend was someone that I had been friends with for years. And people would make fun of me constantly when I was younger. But now it kind of just feels like she got what she needs. Young me got what she wanted.”

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