Counseling registrar Feeler retires


Hannah Puetz

After working at the Rolla High School as the counseling center registrar Kim Feeler has announced her retirement after being in her position for 22 years. Her hard work, dedication, and kindness towards all students and faculty is leaving a positive mark on RHS.  

Feeler took the counseling office position in hopes of being a good influence towards students and providing a safe environment for them. 

“[I took the counseling position because] I enjoy meeting new students whenever we enroll them. I’ve always enjoyed that and just the dynamics of the job,” stated Feeler. “It’s just something that I really enjoy and being able to work in an environment where students come in, it’s usually a positive thing when they come into this office.”

With her upcoming retirement, Feeler is hoping to do a variety of activities after leaving RHS. 

“I have a new grandson, so I want to spend as much time with him as possible and hopefully travel some. And, just do some things around my house that I haven’t had time to do and just enjoy life,” stated Feeler. 

Even though she is going to have much more time to do different opportunities and activities, Feeler is going to miss several things at RHS. 

“[I’m really going to miss] my work family and the kids,” stated Feeler.

For Feeler, students are the heart of the job and the memories she will keep with her.

“[My favorite memories from the counseling center have been] making relationships with the kids, getting to know the kids, and hopefully being a little bit of help and good influence on them. That’s the best part,” stated Feeler.