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  • The RHS Speech and Debate program is hosting a showcase 6 p.m. at Ozark Actor's Theatre in Rolla.
  • The RHS theatre department is performing their fall play, "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in the RMS Auditorium.
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  • The RHS Homecoming Dance is being held on Oct. 14.

RHS ECHO: Online student news

RHS ECHO: Online student news

RHS provides new opportunities for student passions

Abigail Kestle

Rolla High School has many new additions to its facilities: policies, personnel, construction, and clubs. As new interests are recognized, new clubs pop up with them.

A recently started club, Media Club, has taken their photo journaling expertise to the football field. Adviser and video production teacher Megan Wille will use the new and returning students to kick-start this club. 

Media Club will be in charge of video playback on the new jumbotrons during sporting events like football and eventually basketball when the gym is finished. Additionally, Media Club members can help with the RHS Review team if they would like,” said Wille.

Media Club is open to all students with various interests, but individuals passionate about videography and sports will especially flourish in this extracurricular. 

If you have any interest in sports, including talking about sports and participating on the sidelines as a recorder, we need you! This club will be heavily involved in our Bulldogs teams with the use of the jumbotrons,” said Wille. 

In addition to enriching experience with technology and video production, students can pick up useful life skills from this club. 

With the rise of social media, learning how to create safe and accurate content is important. In addition, there will be many times in college or at a job that you may have to make a presentation. There’s no better way to make a good impression than a well-made video,” stated Wille.

The commitment level varies with the specific responsibilities and needs of the club. 

“I need a small team of highly committed students who are going to handle the sporting events. As far as editing and creating content for the RHS Review or otherwise, you can come and go as you please,” said Wille. 

“If you like being on camera, or just being artistic, I highly recommend coming by our club!” exclaimed Wille.

Wille holds Media Club in her classroom, room 312. Wille is open for contact to share more information about joining the club.

RHS welcomed another new club this year, Puzzle Club. This club was created by seniors Hailey Nicholls and Andrea Thurston, who found inspiration from incorporating their hobbies with school. 

Well, basically all we do is we put together puzzles throughout the course of the school year. Last year, we did 11 puzzles throughout the course of the school year or just during class,” said Thurston.

Finding the balance between comfort and school life can be challenging, but puzzle club creates a casual environment to unwind. 

“I think it’s more so just something for us and anyone else that wants to [do puzzles]… It’s just for fun if anyone needs it. That’s why we chose Friday for meeting dates, just a way to rewind after [school],” said Nicholls.

Puzzle Club meets every Friday in room 300 at 3:30. Students who have any interest in puzzles or are looking to find a place to relax can find enjoyment in this club.

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