Annual Veteran’s Day Assembly to be held this Friday

Lorren Black, Feature Editor

This Friday, November 19th, Rolla High School Leadership is presenting the high school’s annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. Lauryn Cliburn, a junior who is in charge of the assembly, shares with us what we can expect.

“We have two guest speakers, the choir will perform with the Men of Song, and some members of the high school band will perform some songs as well. Eric Goser and Christina Cliburn are the guest speakers. Eric is a retired Lieutenant and Christina is a First Sergeant in the Army,” Cliburn said.

Cliburn chose to be in charge of this assembly because her mother is a veteran, and she feels it’s important for Rolla High to honor those who have served our country.

“It’s important because we should recognize and pay our respects to all of our veterans,” Cliburn said.