Elena Bai, News Editor

Yesterday, February 27, 2020, representatives from the four foreign language clubs competed in the Rolla High school’s 3rd annual Fauxlympics. This event was organized by the foreign language teachers to mirror the summer Olympics, held every four years during the summer. Students competed in minute to win it style games in a relay, with three representative teams from German, two from French, two from Spanish, and one from Latin. Each team fought valiantly for the first place award, but the French club, with 13 points, won.

At 3:30, students from every language club gathered in the lecture hall to indulge in snacks and pizza as well as to converse with friends. However, at around 4:00, students threw away their plates and headed down to the cafeteria for games. Students split into their foreign language clubs to engage in some healthy competition. A total of three relay style games were played, along with one game in which teams of three people competed to get a sandwich cookie from their face to their mouths without using their hands. The games identified the first three teams to finish each task and gave one point to the third place winners, two to the second, and three to the first. Until 5:00, teams competed for the honor of the first place language club, cheering each other on and maintaining a friendly attitude with other clubs. 

When the results were tallied, the French club won with 13 points, German finished second with 10 points, Spanish finished third with eight points, and Latin was last with three points. The event was finished off with a game in which German, the largest club, was pitted against French, Latin, and Spanish to hop through a series of hula hoops and play rock, paper, scissors until a person reached the beginning of the other team’s line. Finally, a German student was able to make it different challengers and reach the end of the line of French, Latin, and Spanish students. 

The Fauxlympics is a fun event that allows students to display and support their foreign language clubs through silly games and challenges. By competing, students show that the languages they learn are active, alive, and something they find pride in.