The Addams Family Musical Announcement

Sudatta Hor, Staff Writer

The Rolla High School Drama Department is putting on a musical this weekend March 6-8 titled “The Addams Family” at the Rolla Middle School.

“The Addams Family the musical is a 2 hour musical. You get to see each family member in a new light as they all deal with Wednesday growing up and becoming an adult,” said Lyndsi Blakley, who plays Grandma Addams in the musical.

Zach Betz is another cast member who is looking forward to the musical.

“I’m playing Lurch, the butler for the Addams family. I’m there to make sure they keep their reputation of Addams, the deep and dark death. I’m also there to provide a bit of comedy relief, to make the play more enjoyable than just death. I make it a funny death,” said Betz. “I expect to make the cast proud, and I expect the musical to be fantastic in our eyes.”

There is an additional option to contribute to the drama department during intermission.

“If you would like to bring a bit of extra cash, there is a poll that will be going on during the intermission to vote for your favorite character out of everyone being paid. So, bring a little pocket cash to vote for your favorite character,” said Betz.

Tickets for the musical can be purchased at the door or online.

“If you go to the theatre department website, there is a link to buy tickets online. You can also buy tickets at the door if there are any left. We are selling out fast,” said Betz.

Visit to buy tickets online for “The Addams Family”. The show starts at 7pm on March 6th and 7th, and starts at 2pm on March 8th.  


***Photos By Rolla High School Drama Department***