Students Face Unemployment During Quarantine

Emma Starns, Opinion Editor

   As people of all ages are fighting through this unprecedented time, it can be hard to remember just how much of an impact this virus is making on daily life. Schools are cancelled, and people are stuck in the inbetween of either no work, or suddenly being deemed an ‘essential worker”. Many high schoolers are currently out of a job, and though it might seem small, it can influence a big impact in their everyday life.

   Senior Riley Stevenson has currently found himself in this position, and he is not alone.

    “Before the closing of TJ Maxx, I was given a single day of notice. I was told that we would be closed until mid May, the good news being that the first two weeks of being closed we were going to be paid based on average hours, so that is cool.”

   Junior Olivia Sidwell finds herself in the same position.

   “ We were not told until the very day that we had been shut down, and it was a time of confusion and fear. I used to order Jimmy Johns every day and since the shut down, I have not spent any money so that I can pay for next month’s phone bill.”

   Not only does the lack of employment affect finances, but also can disrupt the student’s daily routine and schedule.

   “My sleep schedule has changed drastically. My bedtime is usually around 3 AM and I wake up at about 12 PM. I don’t have much time in the day to do anything, so it is not very ideal,” Sidwell adds. “I hope that everything goes back to normal. I miss my friends, my job, my coworkers, classes, etc. Being an extrovert, I despise being stik at home and I hope change happens soon.”

   Stevenson also feels the same way.

   “Not having school or work has been tough because I feel I have been extremely lazy and my social life has been taking a major hit. I have been trying to still do things with my friends but it has been tough. I am hoping that once this all blows over me and my friends can continue to go out and have fun out in town.”