RHS devotes time to honoring local Veterans

December 1, 2021

Rolla High School holds a Veterans Day assembly every year. It is an assembly in which the students get to reflect on all of the sacrifices made for our country and freedom by Veterans. Due to COVID-19 related concerns, the school was not able to hold an assembly last year. Senior Emily Yoakum was the leadership student in charge of putting the assembly together.

“I think it’s important because it really shows our students that we need to honor our veterans,” said Yoakum “I think, especially since we didn’t have one last year, I feel like a lot of kids are excited to do one this year. And kids just need to remember, especially these days, how we got our country the way it is, because we had people fighting for our country.”

Junior Zoe Hargis also had a big part in preparing for the assembly.

“I think this day is special and makes everyone realize that being a veteran means a lot and it’s more than just serving your country,” said Hargis.

The choir sang many touching songs during the assembly. There was one particular song that seemed to stand out to people the most.

“My favorite part was probably when [the choir] did the songs for the different branches, because I think it gives them just like a special moment to be recognized,” said Hargis

The assembly reminded many students of close family and friends that had served in the military.

“My grandfather, he fought in World War Two,” said senior Charlee Sharpsteen “He passed away when I was little, but he had a big effect on how I turned out and how I present myself because knowing that someone in your family went through that, it changes your perspective on it.”

Freshman Elson Wang thinks that it is important that the school holds this assembly.

“I feel like some of their work or their pride has gone unrecognized. And I think it’s cool that the school is holding a whole hour to honor these Veterans and their serving the country,” said Wang.

Many students appreciated and learned a lot from this assembly. The assembly serves as a reminder not to forget about the Veterans who gave so much for this country.

“Because of this assembly, students will remember that we didn’t gain this country for free. Our Veterans fought and died for this country,” said Yoakum.

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