What about International Men’s Day?

Sam Kimball, Staff Writer

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Whenever people mention Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, or International Women’s Day, there is the knee-jerk reaction of white males. “Where is our day?” they say. They ask this question out of a lack of understanding.

It is easy to believe that others experience life the same way. I am a white, middle-class male. I have never had to worry about many of the issues that minorities and women face. I do not understand them. This lack of understanding is not unique to me. It is difficult to put oneself in another person’s shoes.

When someone does not understand the problems that a group faces, it is natural to ask why it deserves a special day. This is at the heart of why holidays like International Women’s Day exist. They attempt to bring to light the issues that marginalized groups face.

In case you believe that men’s issues need to be brought to light, International Men’s Day is November 19. But for today, focus on understanding the issues that women face.

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