COVID-19 Non Believers

Michael "Mandy" James , Staff Writer

Scrolling through social media, there are countless memes poking fun at the coronavirus pandemic. But is it really the time to joke? Many people around the world are being affected by COVID-19. As of April 11th there were 541,131 cases confirmed in the United States alone, making the U.S. the leading country for cases. Experts suggest people turn to the internet and use jokes  to ease their mind. If you search “coronavirus” on any social media platform thousands of posts flood the screen. 

Rolla has recently begun a stay at home order. Going into town, however, there are still many people out and about. Many other cities or states have issued lockdowns to keep the chances of getting it lower. 95 percent of all Americans have been ordered to stay at home unless they absolutely need to leave the house. Many stores and gas stations have been ordered to cut their numbers into a quarter to keep the citizens at less of a risk, including signs and tape on the floor. 

At first, some people saw the coronavirus as a fake for many reasons, a top one being the  presidential election coming up. Some skeptics think there seems to be a pattern of outbreaks every election year. However,  people may just be looking for an excuse. They want a little bit of closure and to make sense of the situation. According to Vox News, Americans are starting to believe a new theory about the coronavirus being made in a laboratory, while others believe it is all just a government population control. 

The World Health Organization, or W.H.O. has put out countless articles involving the progression of COVID-19; they give details on how to avoid it, as well as the progression and how to keep individuals around you safe. While anyone can contract the virus, experts say it is more threatening to people who are older or have more health issues such as heart problems, lung diseases, compromised immune systems, etc. Even though people might not have these problems wrong with themselves, skeptics agree that we need to keep the people who are safe.

The W.H.O. has suggested, washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face. When sneezing or coughing, do it in your elbow if nothing else is available. If at all cost you need to leave the house it is recommended you go out with a mask of some sort and gloves to protect yourself, as well as practice social distancing at all cost.