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RHS ECHO: Online student news

RHS ECHO: Online student news

A cosmetology program would bring early opportunities for RHS students

Anaya Rice

Trade schools are starting to emerge more into the spotlight for people in or just out of high school. They are a cheaper alternative, take a shorter amount of time to finish and tend to be more hands-on learning. As trade schools begin to shine more opposed to traditional college, so do courses in high schools that give students a head start. Rolla High School offers courses like Rolla Technical Institute (RTI), or Rolla Technical Center (RTC) where students can take classes hands-on and earn experience for the career path they have chosen. There are many course options such as medical classes, construction and trades, and many more in a wide variety of careers. The one course, however, that isn’t offered is a cosmetology course.

Adding a cosmetology course would offer many positive benefits. This course would present to students the realistic obligations and work tasks that cosmetologists do regularly. Having some type of experience for students to learn from would give students a clearer idea of what they would be doing in this career. As well as help them decide if they really want to continue on in the career. 

Another point of view could be that Rolla already has a cosmetology school and adding another education program could compete with that local resource. However, the cosmetology course could be something provided at the beauty school, or held by the school. 

For many high schools that have cosmetology courses, students can use the experience as an opportunity to get a head start on building the hours needed to take the cosmetology board exam in the same way high schools have AP classes to transfer over as college credits. This would provide a good starting point for students who may want to get started practicing with a license as soon as possible. Allowing this in many cases has allowed students to be done with cosmetology before they even graduate high school. 

There’s a wide range of reasons as to why people go to beauty school. However most people who enroll in cosmetology have some sort of artistic desire or talent. Students having just another class to express themselves in and do what they love to do would supply a variety of artistic expressions. Along with that students could go into cosmetology with experience and know a greater amount of basic information about safety regulations, laws they will need to have information on, hair, nails and other topics that fall under that.

Adding a cosmetology course to Rolla High would provide many benefits and opportunities for students not knowing what career path they want to make, students wanting a head start before the graduate high school and even an opportunity for less time in cosmetology school. This course would add on to the classes already provided for a variety trades.

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