Soccer team kicks grass one game at a time

Visakha Ho, Staff Writer

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The Rolla Boys Soccer team had a successful season this year. It was the first time that they made it this far to the final four teams in the State since 2012.

“It feels really good to make it to the State Quarter Finals because we had some really rough seasons in the past. We are really proud we made it this far this year. We appreciate everyone who come and support our games,” Senior Alec Falkenhain said.

Falkenhain broke his leg earlier this season, but manage to recover before District games.

“I broke my leg so I had to come back from that. It has been a lot harder. But we had a lot of fun still. We won a lot of games so that was pretty fun.”

The team has mature a lot throughout the season. Not only were injuries healed, but friendships and bonds were made.

“I love the friendship and the compatibility that we all have. Towards the beginning we were kind of separate, but we all started having it all out and becoming real good friends. That helps us play better too,” Junior Nick Janke said.

The guys worked very hard throughout the season. They put a lot of effort into improving their skills and gained a lot of experience.

“In the beginning [of the season], they were a little rough. It was a little rough start. It took a while for them to come together as one. When they did, they were unstoppable. No one could stop them except for Carthage,” Senior Morgan Gabriele said.

It took a lot of effort from the team to have made it all the way to the Quarter Final games. This means that Rolla competed as one of the top four teams in the State.

“It was a fun season. The guys exceeded everyone’s expectations but their own. Conference champs, district champs and sectional champs is a great season by anyone’s standards. I am very happy for them,” Coach Mike Howard said.

Sadly, the season had to come to an end. Rolla lost against Carthage at Quarter Finals 1-2. It was a very close game.

“This season has been very fun, and I enjoyed every moment every of it. It sucks that it was my senior year, but we’ve came the farthest we have in four years. It was a great accomplishment. I play soccer because it is a sport I love, and the people I play it with are like a family,” Senior Mike Jennings said.

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