Leadership hosts 1st annual 3v3 basketball tournament

Brandon Kirchner, Sports Editor

 Hosted by the Leadership program, tomorrow at 3:00 PM, 8 teams will be facing off in the 1st annual 3v3 basketball tournament located in the Rolla High School gym. Look for teams such as BBB, Brighter Than Your Future, Dumb Dumber & Dumbest, All-Staters, and even a team of Rolla faculty members to take home the prize of gift certificates to Key Sport. There is no cost of entry so feel free to come on in and watch the fun. Junior Kelly Brown is on the “All-Staters” team and has a good game plan for winning.

 “Just keep the spacing and a lot of pick and rolls, also do what we can to catch the other team off guard and exploit them,” Brown said.