An inside look into upcoming track season

Courtney Kelley, Opinion Editor

On February 25, the spring sports season at Rolla High School began with practices for baseball, women’s soccer, men’s tennis and track and field. With the introduction of new head coach Jon Franks to the track program, the future of the season is looking bright.

“It is hard to predict the outcome of a season when there are so many variables present. That being said, I am excited with the turnout as well and the work ethic of the Rolla kids. If those two factors determine a season, we should compete at a high level. The main focus is going to be daily improvement,” Franks said.

Sophomore Wyatt Thurston is very excited and hopeful for the upcoming season.

“It is going to be pretty good. I am hoping that we are going to win some medals, it is going to be fun,” Thurston said.
Thurston is a long distance runner, and is also involved with cross country.

A typical practice with the track team usually starts with the girls taking attendance with Coach Kinder, and boys taking attendance with Coach Franks. Then Coach Zink leads the team in DW, or dynamic warm ups. Then each event will go with their respective coach.

“It is pretty fun. We are like a big family. At practice when we break off, long distance people, we usually run 2 miles, one mile, sometimes 5. It is great,” Thurston said.

“My goal is to get a really good race time, and hopefully get on varsity. It is going to be hard, but I am hopeful,” Thurston said.