Glendale Soccer Game Review

Sudatta Hor, Staff Writer

On Monday, September 30, the Rolla boys’ soccer team had an intense game against Glendale. Gabriel Stanislawski, a senior on our soccer team, recalls what he expected of the match

“We knew that they were a solid team. We actually know a couple of their players, and those players were solid too. Everyone was pumped, but we had the right mindset that if we play hard, it would be a really good game,” says Stanislawski.

The game was very important. Currently, the soccer team has only lost once this entire season, so they’re trying to keep the record up. Mohamad Alamadein, another senior on the soccer team, can further describe the prominence of the match.

“That was [Glendale’s] conference championship game. If they would have won that, they would have most likely won conference. It was a very big game. Since [Gabe and I] were seniors, we were less nervous and more excited for the game. Some of our other teammates were more nervous because for some of them, it would be there first big game,” says Alamadein. “Glendale has always been such a big opponent. We hadn’t beaten them for three years.”

With the weight of the game on their shoulders, our soccer team tried to keep their head in the game. In doing so, they were able to play well and secure a win.

“We knew from experience that this team could score goals. I also think that was the [cause] for our success. We had the right mindset throughout the whole game,” says Stanislawski.

With the win against Glendale, our soccer team will continue to have an exciting season.

“This year, the conference games are really mixed up. We may have lost to West Plains, but Glendale beat West Plains. We just beat Glendale. There’s a lot of things mixing up this year, and it’s making things really interesting,” says Stanislawski.