Alternative spending for homecoming

Emma Starns, Staff Writer

Homecoming was just around the corner, and hours were being spent brainstorming the right way to ask someone and maybe surprise them. By doing so, outfits were being planned, and reservations were being made. Dances are exciting, there’s no doubt about that. But, every year, hundreds of dollars are poured into attire, fancy dinners, and pictures.

If money is a problem, or it is just unreasonable, try and look for more cost-friendly options. Such as buying a used dress, or opting for an impromptu photo shoot in a neighborhood park, instead of spending large amounts of money. Here at RHS, Stuco offers the option of selecting a used dress from their various selection.  Everything does not have to be fancy to have the best time.

There are also many other things homecoming money can be spent on. A few people said they would rather spend it on other experiences, like going to the zoo or saving to go to Hawaii. Clothes were also a big alternative. Food was the top answer, as well as contributing to AP tests and such. Gas money was big for people who drive, or people who are mostly independent. This does not mean homecoming is not great, there are just more cost friendly things available, and ways to save money and still have a great time.