Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

  With Halloween being only two days away, the time to find a costume has long passed. All of the good ones are gone, and the procrastinators of the world start to panic as they realize that they have only a short 48 hours to find a costume. For those who may have waited a little too long, here are some last minute (and cheap) costume ideas.


The Identity Thief. An easy one to pull off, just go to a local Walmart and purchase some of the Hello, I’m ____ stickers. Write down any name you can think of and wear as many stickers as you can. You are now an identity thief.


When Life gives you lemons. For this one you can use an old plain t-shirt or go to Dollar General and buy one. Write the word LIFE on the front, wear it, and pass out lemons. You are now the classic saying of “When life gives you lemons…”


Emoji girl with the pink shirt. Find a long sleeved pink t-shirt and wear it. Every time someone asks what you are hold an arm as the emoji girls does. You are now the emoji girl with the pink shirt.


“Smartie” pants. Wear some leggings or black pants and tape smarties all over your legs. You are now a “smartie pants”.


M&M. You can go to a local dollar store and find a plain tee in either brown, green, blue, yellow, or orange. Cut a M out of a white piece of paper and tape it to the front of the shirt. You are now an M&M.