Reading challenge for 2019

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

      Since it is the beginning of the new year, most people are coming up with different resolutions. From losing weight to spending more time outside, everyone has something they want to work on for the upcoming year. Personally, my resolution is to expand my reading and to explore genres I normally wouldn’t read from. For those who want to try to expand their reading habits, here is a reading challenge for 2019.


  1. 500 paged book
  2. A book published this year
  3. A comedic book
  4. One of your mom’s favorite books
  5. Pick a classic
  6. Read banned book
  7. A graphic novel
  8. Read a book you can finish in one day
  9. A book with magic
  10. Your friend’s favorite book
  11. A book you would never pick up
  12. Read a book you picked because of the cover
  13. A non-fiction book
  14. Read a trilogy
  15. Finish a book you started but didn’t finish
  16. Read a Young Adult book
  17. Read a book from a new genre you haven’t tried
  18. A book with an award
  19. A historical fiction
  20. Read a book under 100 pages
  21. A book from childhood
  22. Read a book that takes place in space
  23. Read a book that you know nothing about
  24. A book about family
  25. Reread your favorite book