Tips for class scheduling

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

Class scheduling is finally here. As a senior I no longer have to participate in this week of trying to decide what classes to take for the following year and what classes to avoid, but I now have a lot of knowledge on how best to pick the right classes. For all of the underclassmen who are confused and maybe stressed about scheduling, here are a few tips to help.


Take a fun class. While it is important to take hard classes and to push yourself, it is equally important to take at least one or two fun classes that you know you will enjoy. These classes will give you a little downtime and might make your workload lighter.


Don’t worry about electives. One of the highest credit required areas in order to graduate are electives, but you shouldn’t fill you schedule with them. Once a subject if filled with the amount of credits required the extra go towards your electives. No matter what you do, if you meet the required credits to graduate you will have filled your amount of electives without trying.


Push yourself. Although taking only fun classes seems like the easiest way through high school, it is important to take classes that will push you. Not only will these classes look good on transcripts but pushing yourself academically will help prepare you for life outside of school.


I hope that these tips help with the confusing time of scheduling, and if you still have questions don’t be afraid to ask teachers or upperclassmen for help!