Unity Club Preview

Kyle McCutcheon, Staff Writer

Unity club is a new up and coming club that is sponsored by Mr. Loker. Loker gives credit to Alexis Lugo, a student at RHS, for coming up with the idea for the club. The club is about bringing everyone together, and giving students a place to hangout after school.

The club meets after school on Wednesdays. The members discuss a lot of current events, racial problems and topics based on LGBTQ rights. Anyone is welcome to come in at any time of the year. The purpose is to bring everyone together.

 “I think it’s neat for a place where you can come in and share your opinion,” Said Loker. 

Students looking to expand their worldview would likely benefit from joining Unity Club. Unity club talks about issues related to LGBTQ rights. Not everyone in the world is accepting, but Unity club is a place who accepts all people. Mr. Loker makes a point about how progression in society can be perceived.

 “When you’re on top, sometimes you see equality as oppression,” Said Loker. 

If you’re interested in joining Unity club, head to room 247 right after school on Wednesday afternoons. Unity club is a safe place to hang out after school and is welcoming everyone.

Make sure to check out a more in depth look into Unity Club in the ECHO Newspaper when it gets distributed on Friday, September 27th.