Wait, what? We’re Seniors?

As second semester has been set in motion, graduation is just around the corner for seniors at Rolla High School. Every individual treats graduation differently; some may be excited to cross the threshold into adulthood while others may be filled with uncertainty for what will come after they walk off of the football field for the last time.
“Whenever people go like ‘Oh, you’re graduating,’ it’s exciting, but then also I feel like once it starts getting really close, I’m going to start being sad about it,” said senior Kate Van Hoose.
Apprehension and anxiety are completely normal things for seniors to feel as they begin their last semester of high school.
“I’m looking forward to graduation, but it just means growing up which is kind of nerve-wracking,” said senior Jake Fuller
Some of this apprehension is due to uncertainty when it comes to adulthood and long term careers.
“I think during my freshman, sophomore, or junior year of college, I’m gonna be just fine, but then after that, I don’t really know what I’m going to be doing long term, so I’m a tiny bit nervous,” said Van Hoose.
As their last semester trudges along, seniors may find that they have lost motivation when it comes to school.
“I definitely think everyone’s senioritis has been a lot more since COVID, and we all just want to take a little break. I think we’ve all lost the initial excitement, and we’re really looking forward to graduating,” said senior Lorena Cook.
When looking back to their first years of high school, some seniors may find that their attitude towards school has changed significantly.
“I definitely enjoy school more than I did freshman year… It felt like a job, but now it feels like it’s bearable,” said Fuller
For some, COVID has impacted their feelings towards school.
“School was just kind of boring before all the COVID stuff happened, but now I kind of appreciate school more and the people in it,” said Van Hoose.
Many students are thankful that their final year is without hybrid or virtual classes.
“This school year has been a lot more normal than last year, and it’s been good for everyone to have consistency,” said Cook.
After surviving almost four years of high school, the seniors have a few tips for underclassmen.
“Don’t try to rush it. Try and just figure out what’s best for you, not what your parents want, or what everybody else wants for you,” said Fuller.
Some put an emphasis on enjoyment, while others find academics more important.
“I would say that you think you have a lot of time, but you really don’t, so start preparing and doing things like taking the ACT and hoping to get better test scores because senior year you don’t have a lot of time since you’re worried about other deadlines,” said Cook.
As the year flies by, the feeling is almost universal in the class of 2022 that nothing should be taken for granted.
“Whenever COVID happened, I never saw it coming, and so I kind of took everything for granted. So, I guess you just can’t take anything for granted. Just do everything you want in high school because if you don’t, I feel like you’re gonna end up regretting it whenever you’re actually grown up,” said Van Hoose.