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Author Unplugged

Sam Jokisch, Copy Editor

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Completing the last installment of my recorded writing adventures is bittersweet. I almost don’t want to continue typing… There’s no denying it—the year’s flown by, and so has the limited time I’ve had available to set my mind upon the goal of publishing my first book.

            Chapter three is where I’ve ended with, my friends! Not a terribly large win on my part, but I can’t help but be satisfied that to this second, I am still completely interested in my chosen plot and character cast. Yes, the days of the untold story are finally over! Hopefully then last paragraph will be written somewhere near a windowsill in Nashville during my days away at college.

            Through this entire experience, I’ve been supported endlessly by the few meager souls who at least claim to flip right to my column each issue, and for that, I want to thank you whole-heartedly. I’m humbled to hear that anything I’ve had to say over the past several months has helped further you as an author, or simply a lover of the English language and all it has to offer. In reality, you actually have offered me the opportunity to learn from myself—which is no small feat, since I’ll be the first to admit I rarely listen to anything I personally have to say.

            The grandest thing I’ve learned during this time is the stone-set need to nurture your work, and admit defeat when it’s simply not the time to write. Many pieces of the first few chapters have been completely deleted by accident, but a lot of it was by the dirty work of my own hands as well… I’ve learned simply this—it’s better to start completely over at a better time than put your name on a piece of work that doesn’t hail your true writing style due to any sort of obstacle (writer’s block, sleep deprivation, etc.). Your writing is completely of your creation, and reflects upon you; never let it say the wrong thing about your talents. Don’t be afraid to be absolutely certain that your work is the best it can be!

            With that, dear readers, it’s time for me to leave you. I hope your summer will be full of writing adventures, just as mine will! Always remember what a release simply putting pen to paper can be—no matter the situation. Have a wonderful life, and hopefully, someday, you’ll see me again… Perhaps staring back from the book shelf? Who knows. Here’s to hoping—Happy writing!

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Author Unplugged