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Fall play ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ showcases Rolla theatre

Celia Parsons, Editor In Chief

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The Rolla High School Drama department’s Fall production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was performed October 27th-29th at the Middle School. The cast put their audiences in a chocolate trance and nailed Violet Beauregarde’s blueberry transformation.

Seeing that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a well known book, movie, and production, Kelli McNeven, the director of the play and Drama teacher at Rolla High School, explains the appeal and reasoning behind the decision to do this production for the fall play.

“It’s a play that is popular because lots of people are familiar with either the book or the movies. I also like that it’s a larger cast so a lot of students could be involved. So the main characters or the Umpa Lumpas, could be really any size of cast we wanted,” McNeven said.

Alex Pettijohn, also known as Willie Wonka, shares his experience as portraying a psychotic chocoholic.

“The best part about being Willie Wonka would have to be acting as a odd ball. You are always acting in the most random sort of ways. [And] the hardest part would have to be portraying one who’s been locked up inside his factory for decades,” Pettijohn said.

Like all the other clubs and extracurriculars at the Rolla High School, the drama department is also a great learning experience and chance to meet new people.

“Drama is really a study of humanity and why people do the things they do. Besides that aspect of it, it’s just a lot of fun and when you’re involved in a production, you become like a little mini family because you spend more time with those people than you do with your actual family. There’s a lot of relationships that are built,” McNeven said.

So, if you’re into singing, acting, or even working as part of the crew, Pettijohn says to go for it.

“I loved drama but I never actually did anything in it because I never thought I would be good at it. [But] I tried out and I am absolutely loving it and all my peers love it. It’s definitely worth it to try out and you never know what’s going to happen,” Pettijohn said.

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Fall play ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ showcases Rolla theatre