Not a Spirit Week but a Fashion Week: Suit up, RHS!


   The head fashionista of fashion class, teacher Jamie Cantrell, is hosting RHS´s first-ever fashion week starting on Sept. 19 and ending on Sept. 23. According to Cantrell, this week is inspired by September’s fashion week in New York.

   “There’s one particular week in New York that they dub Fashion Week. It kind of goes on the whole month. So we kind of thought we would coincide with New York Fashion Week and do ours the same time,” said Cantrell. 

   Cantrell made it very clear that fashion week isn’t a spirit week. 

   “Spirit weeks are usually things that may not be necessarily fashion. So, Pajama Day or a different color or Bulldog Pride Day, but fashion week all revolves around a certain fashion look that’s popular among different subgroups or in different locations,” said Cantrell.

   Cantrell broke down each day’s style.

Monday: New York/Paris Street Style

   “On Sept. 19, we’re doing New York street style/Paris street style. These styles are very different than Rolla street style. Right now, the fashion in New York and Paris is more androgynous, a looser fit, big boxy jackets.”

Tuesday: Cottage Core

   “On Sept. 20, we’re doing Cottage Core. Cottage Core gives off the vibe that you have a little cottage and a little garden and there’s little gnomes running around your yard and you live in Ireland.”

Wednesday:  Dress like your favorite Hollywood star or influencer

On Sept. 21, we’re doing ‘Dress like your favorite Hollywood star or influencer.’ You can dress like Harry Styles or Hailey Bieber or even your favorite blogger.”

Thursday: Dallas Street Style

   Sept. 22 we’re doing Dallas Street style. People need to break out their turquoise and their cowboy and cowgirl boots.”

Friday: Grunge Style

Finally Sept. 23 is Grunge Style. Grunge was invented by a designer named Marc Jacobs. Grunge consists of plaids, mixing prints together, band tees, big baggy shorts, baggy pants, longer and shorter shorts. We used to call it maybe an ’emo style’ here at Rolla High School. It gives off the vibe of ‘I woke up and was tired and threw on whatever I thought – my comfort clothes that I wanted to wear that day – and threw it all together.'”

   Every student at Rolla High School can participate in this week’s fashion week. You don´t have to dress up for every single themed day if you don´t want to, just participate in the days that you want to. Show your fashion pride by participating in RHS´s fashion week, Mon.-Fri.

   Lacking inspiration for this week´s fashion week? Here’s some inspiration. 

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