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Last minute reminders for first time voters

Bailey Allison, Photography & Social Media Editor

November 1, 2018

  With Election Day right around the corner, first-time voters are anxious to cast the first vote. There are a few things one must know prior to voting for the first time.   If this is your first time voting and you registered before...

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

October 29, 2018

  With Halloween being only two days away, the time to find a costume has long passed. All of the good ones are gone, and the procrastinators of the world start to panic as they realize that they have only a short 48 hours...

RHS Leadership to host their annual ‘Haunted High’

Lorren Black, Feature Editor

October 23, 2018

     This Saturday, October 27th, RHS Leadership is hosting their annual ‘Haunted High’. It will be here at the high school from 7pm-10pm. You can purchase tickets at the door for $5, or you can purchase a ticket durin...

Binge-worthy Netflix shows

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

October 22, 2018

   If you are anything like me, then one of the main things you do in your free time is watch Netflix. I have spent endless hours binge-watching some of my favorite shows, and here are my top 4 favorites.   Parks...

Alternative spending for homecoming

Emma Starns, Staff Writer

October 18, 2018

Homecoming was just around the corner, and hours were being spent brainstorming the right way to ask someone and maybe surprise them. By doing so, outfits were being planned, and reservations were being made. Dances are exciting...

RHS student movie recommendations

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

October 15, 2018

One thing that I love to do in my free time is watch movies. There are so many different types in various genres, and I have many favorites. For those rainy days or late nights, here are 28 of my go-to movies. Football...

Final day of voter registration

Blaize Klossner, Webmaster

October 10, 2018

Today, October 10th, 2018, is the last day voters in Missouri can register to participate in the November general election. The prominent topics include policies on medical marijuana and minimum wage. Along with the propositions,...

How to deal with stress

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

October 2, 2018

Everyone gets stressed every now and then, and some way more than others. Everyone can also struggle with ways to deal with stress, so here is a list of 7 ways to deal with this worry. Don’t drink coffee. Since coffee is a s...

50 things to do when you are bored

Kayla Copeland, Managing Editor

September 24, 2018

Whether it is the amount of free time or a really long vacation, everyone finds a time when they are bored out of their minds. When someone is bored it can become much harder to find fun activities to do, so I created a list of 5...

Friday Focus: football faces Kickapoo and band senior night

Nalani Massaro, Arts & Entertainment Editor

September 21, 2018

 Tonight make sure to head on down to the football field to support the band for their senior night. At 6:15 pm the band has their own senior night seperate from the football team. Following the senior night ceremony, the foot...

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