Valentine’s Day shopping for dummies (guys)

Blaize Klossner, Webmaster

Fellas, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and of course, you probably do not have anything picked out for your special someone. I am here to give you some last minute suggestions, that will make almost any girl happy.

First up, food. Almost any kind of food will make your lady ecstatic, but more specifically, chocolate. Dark chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, Reese’s, Kit Kats, etc. will do the trick. These are super easy ways to make your girlfriend feel loved.

The next component is flowers. You almost cannot go wrong with flowers, whether it is a bouquet of flowers or even a single rose. Girls love flowers due to the significance of them.

The final addition is any kind of body product. This could be anything from hand sanitizers to bath bombs. Almost every woman loves to feel and smell good, and lotions, soaps, and perfumes will do the trick.

So, guys, it is not difficult to accomplish your Valentine’s Day shopping, just use these three components, and take a trip down to Walmart to find everything.