Displays Of Encouragement In School Bathrooms

Mandy James, Staff Writer

When going to the restrooms you have probably noticed a few inspiring words, made to brighten up your day. Who knew such little words could impact a students day in such a positive way? When asking the students of RHS how they feel about the little messages there was a lot of  positive feedback.

“I think it’s a great idea, they made me feel great the first time I read them, it made me smile” Said junior Lauren Steelmen. 

Many students really enjoy the fact that teachers are trying to make the environment more positive, safe, and comfortable. 

“They really make me have a better day, because I look at them and notice that someone took the time to put them up to make everyone’s day better”  Said sophomore Emma Daly. 

ECHO believes that spreading this little bit of positivity can be a great for students and we definitely need more of it. 

Certain task or small little projects get passed up in our school quite often. That means something this small could easily get covered up. There were a few people with opposing comments.. Some students believe the school is not taking enough action to issues as it should be.  

“The schools puts too much energy into looking like they care, and not enough energy actually caring” Said sophomore Akira Durbin. 

It is sad that some students feel this way in school, but it is the truth sometimes students feel like they aren’t worth enough and have no one to turn to. They most likely see the stall stickers as just another thing stuck to the walls to decorate the school. Sometimes students feel as if they are being judged when talking about their issues. RHS should take that into consideration and fix the environment so students will feel like they belong.