Chamber Choir performs at Kansas City Renaissance Festival


Lorren Black, Feature Editor

This past weekend, the Rolla Chamber Choir traveled to Kansas City to participate in the 41st annual Renaissance Festival. The choir participates in this every year, and Chamber Choir member Kelly Brown explains to us what this festival is about.

“The Renaissance Festival is basically a set-up medieval town. The town has a king and queen, there’s parades, and there is a lot of stands where you can get medieval garb and food. It’s an event where you can celebrate and learn about medieval times,” Brown said.

It’s tradition for the choir attend the festival, explains Brown.

“The choir director before Mr. Bartelsmeyer started the tradition of taking the choir to sing and perform a skit. Every year, a member of the choir writes a script, and this year Micah Wells wrote it. Every member of Chamber Choir has a role in the skit, and we also sing five songs during our performance. We perform our skit a total of three times,” Brown said.