Band Senior Night During Pride Night Tonight

Laney Drabczyk

Mable Daugaard, Staff Writer

    After severe weather issues, Pride Night has been rescheduled for Friday, September 13th. This community event is sponsored by promotional items from local businesses to generate support for the football team at their second home game against rival team Hillcrest. Hundreds are expected to gather in the high school parking lot to enjoy the festivities. 

When discussing the event, Rolla High School Assistant Principal Grisham stated, “I think Pride Night is about the culture of the school and the whole community coming together to show their pride for not only athletics and the football team, but it’s like a whole community showing up to support everyone.”

During the halftime show, Rolla High School band is planning on performing the first part of their show, “The Ascent”, for the Rolla community.  Pride Night occurs on the same night as Band Senior Night, which celebrates the dedication of the seniors involved in the band program, along with all of the effort and service they have put in over the last four years. Seniors are individually acknowledged on the field by the announcer, while each student stands alongside family members and guardians in their classic marching uniforms. The announcer describes involvement in clubs, plans for the future, and their position in the band. A connection is made between the crowds and the featured graduating seniors of the year 2020.

    Pride Night is a key fundraiser that benefits both the high school and the community, as it crosses the bridge of separation between the two. Band Senior Night honors some of the distinguished member of Rolla High School, while displaying the talent and work ethic of the band itself. This night is important to the whole of the Rolla community, including the businesses and families that give Rolla character.