At least one RHS student feels the Bern

Nathan Glensky, Reporter

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This year many of you may have noticed the constant coverage of the Democratic and Republican primaries, or perhaps your friends have been voicing their political opinions. Perhaps through all of the talk you may have heard talk of a “political revolution” centered around Bernie Sanders. His revolution is about changing the way campaigns are financed and moving the country in more of a social democratic direction as opposed to a capitalist system.
However with the Primaries coming closer to an end with Hillary Clinton still leading in the delegate count many are asking “will the revolution continue after Sanders?”.
Many believe that the revolution will continue that we will continue the fight to move us in a new direction and away from establishment politics. But some are thinking differently, while yes Sanders is still in the race he is falling behind. While he has inspired many new people into the race he has gained support of many groups who have different goals and that could put the skids on any possible revolution if Sanders drops out of the the race.
For instance, many self described socialists who support Sanders tend to be more worried about redistribution of wealth, Native Americans who also heavily support Sanders will be more worried about decreasing discrimination against Native Americans. So while both support Sanders they could completely disagree with each other on those major issues.
The Revolution seems to just be centered around that one man, but while that is good this is the first time many people have sided together and the first time that many independents may have voted for a democrat. There very well good be a revolution in the making yet without good leadership the people who have rallied around Bernie Sanders may be just that people who have rallied behind a candidate and nothing more.
That said maybe these people could just pull it off, perhaps rather than accepting people already in office as their leaders the Sanders Revolutionaries could give way to a whole new generation of politicians. It would be likely that these people would be democrats or independents and one thing is for sure the word socialist would not be much of an insult to these people. The Bernie supporters could form their own third party and offset the balance between republican and democrat insuring no one could hold a majority of the house or the senate.
Whether you support Bernie Sanders or not you have to admit that he has made quite the storm this election cycle. So be on the look out for the formation of a third party that may or may not form depending on how well these people organize their leadership, because you never know what the party will do. They could rise to the presidency very fast just like the Republicans did when Lincoln was elected or it could be a long time before you ever saw a major candidate such as that with the Green Party.

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