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Basketball season in full swing

Lydia Giesey & Visakha Ho, Staff Writer

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‘Tis the season of cheer, and here at RHS, we celebrate in the most literal sense of the term- rooting for the Bulldog and Lady Bulldog Basketball teams. With both of the seasons being officially underway, the players and coaches alike have shared their sentiments and hopes for the season.
Although our Boys Basketball team looks different than the previous years, don’t expect the past success to fade away. Coach Mark Miller shared his outlook and expectations on the season.

“It’s a completely different type of team [this year]. Last year, it was pretty much Senior dominated. Now we have two Seniors, and we’re mixing in a bunch of younger guys with Juniors and Seniors. So some guys have made big jumps from what they were doing last year to what they’re being asked to do this year. Early in the season, it’s a lot to ask, but I think we’ll see some big things,” Miller said.

Returning Senior Brandon Cunningham spoke on the team’s ability and skill as the season continues.

“I think all of us, as a whole, have progressed a lot, but I think we have to progress even more by just working harder in practice and playing as well as we can during games to have a successful season,” Cunningham said.

With the start of the Lady Bulldogs season as well, head coach Luke Floyd looks to bring new success by building upon the team’s experience.

“Hopefully, continued success from last year. They’re a year older, they’re more mature, so they’re used to our system by now, which always helps. I think they’re just as hungry as I am to start getting wins and getting further into the season,” Floyd said.

Senior Addy Brow adds on to say that experience will be key to continue past the foundation of last year.

“I think this season we’re just looking forward to building up the base that we started last year. Honestly just looking ahead into further seasons-we have a younger team, so just getting them the experience that they need to be successful is going to be a huge aspect of the season. As a team, we need to focus on the little things and just work together to build each other up and not push each other down,” Brow said.

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Basketball season in full swing