Rolla high’s 1994 football undefeated team inducted into alumni hall of fame


Erin Pfeifer, Staff Writer

Rolla High School has been known for many things since it was founded in 1921, good and bad and exciting all around. One of the most notable events, however, was the 1994 football team’s undefeated season. The team is now being recognized
and inducted into the school’s Alumni Hall of Fame, and the people of Rolla now have the chance to look back on an amazing year in the school’s history.

Andy Singleton was a senior on the team that year.

“The undefeated regular season and team unity made some of the best times of my life,” Singleton said.

He was not the only one who felt this strongly about the family bond that the team created together. One of the captains at the time, David Bates, also described the joy he found in their season.

“…I had the best of times when we were together playing football. I’ll never forget the season that we created,” Bates said.

The coach of this record breaking team, Gary Miles, has not changed much in his opinions over the years.

“The players were very good to work with. We had a lot of fun, but we also got the work done,” Miles said.

Even now, when asked what made the team so notable, Miles is quick to show his appreciation for the team.

“We had a very good coaching staff, but the players are the ones who sacrifice, dedicate themselves, and execute on Friday nights,” Miles said.

The team won the regular season 10 to 0, a victory only achieved once before by our school, in 1954.

“It’s a great feeling knowing we made history [that] year,” Steelman said.

He was correct in more ways than one. History is not just the recognition of a great event, but the lingering memories that people hold onto.

Vickie Bates is the mother of David Bates, and continues to show her admiration for the team even now.

“It goes without saying that we are proud of David and his teammates…We are highly appreciative to the committee for remembering and inducting the 1994 Bulldog football team into the Hall of Fame,” Vickie Bates said.

The 1994 football team continues to hold a legacy of victory and pride for Rolla High School.

Miles continually shows his gruff pride in everything the team has achieved.

“It was very enjoyable to give them a plan and watch them succeed,” Miles said.