Spring Forward: Focus on Athletes

Erin Pfeifer, Staff Writer


Rolla is home to all kinds of people. Intellectuals, artists, people of every flavor. Among those people are the athletes. People of great skill, who can succeed in their sports.

One of these people is Pranal Madria.

Madria has played tennis for about five years. The decision to play was an easy one for him.

“My brother would take me to the courts and would teach me the basics, some technique, and some footwork. I stuck with tennis because it was challenging in that it was physical and also rather mental.” Madria said.

Madria’s time playing tennis has allowed him to form great bonds with his teammates, such as junior Josiah Homan.

“I think very highly of Pranal and his abilities on the court. He’s an outstanding player,” Homan says.

Homan is quick to point out the best parts of Madria’s playing, as well as his willingness to fight through injury.

“Pranal has definitely improved over the time I’ve known him. Battling injuries is tough, but he came back even stronger last year and that shows his character and drive to play the sport he loves,” Homan says.

Madria has been one of the most successful of any tennis players that Rolla High has ever seen.

“Everytime we play against someone, it’s important for me to try and grab two wins for the team. I don’t write down my wins and losses. Instead, I try to focus on improvement and the next match.” Madria says.


Athletes of every form walk the halls of Rolla High School. Eden Potter, junior, has played soccer almost her whole life, and celebrates the time she has had.

“I started playing soccer when I was six years old, in New York. That’s almost eleven years. I remember having so much fun and loving my teammates,” Potter said.

Her teammate of three years, fellow junior Celeste Lietz, is happy to brag about her long-term teammate and friend.

“Playing for the high school team has helped her grow a lot as a person and a player. I am very proud of her, and wouldn’t want to play with anyone else!” Lietz said.

Potter does not just play the game, she allows herself to be overtaken by it completely.

“Each match brings a new and invigorating challenge. There’s no better feeling that beating a player one on one,” Potter said.

Overall, the game has been a source of joy for Potter, who reviews her time playing with great affection or the sport.

“The biggest reason I’ve stuck with soccer is because of the friends I’ve made. I love soccer, and if the university I choose to attend has a women’s soccer team, I’ll definitely be checking it out,” Potter said.