Rolla High’s newest Homecoming King and Queen announced

Lorren Black, Feature Editor

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     This past Friday at the Homecoming football game, the coronation inducting the new 2018-2019 Queen took place. Accompanied by their fathers, the candidates Ashley Barth, Nalani Massaro, Olivia Holmes, Olivia Watt, and Jessica Crump walked across the field while an announcer spoke about what they do in school, and what their plans are after graduation. Once they all had a chance to walk across the field, it was announced that Ashley Barth had won Homecoming Queen. The King was set to be announced the next day, October 13th, at the Homecoming dance. The King candidates, RJ Alfred, Ahmed Boubacar, Jake Voight, Trey Quick, and Kelly Brown were accompanied by the Queen candidates at the dance, and they too walked across the dance floor while an announcer spoke of their school activities and their plans after graduation. Finally, it was announced that Kelly Brown had won Homecoming King, and the King and Queen shared a dance to celebrate. Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Homecoming King and Queen, Kelly Brown and Ashley Barth, and to all the King and Queen candidates!


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