Three Unhealthy Quarantine Habits, How To Make Them Better

Erin Pfeifer, Webmaster

  1. Consuming too much caffeine: Even though many of us are sleeping in until noon most days, we find ourselves drinking a lot of caffeine. Whether it’s coffee or energy drinks, the constant access to our favorite beverages is becoming overwhelming as we all feel the need to drink as much as we can each day.
    1. How To Make It Better: Try limiting your caffeine consumption to just one drink a day, and keep it well before it’s time for bed so that you can avoid staying up too late. If you really can’t handle the lack of caffeine, try something that isn’t too concentrated like most energy drinks.
  2. Staying completely sedentary: One of the best parts of being home is having the opportunity to lay around on the couch all day. However, this can also be one of the factors with some of the greatest potential to harm us.
    1. How To Make It Better: Feel free to spend your time sitting around and watching television, just remember to take some breaks from your breaks. There are plenty of easy, low impact exercises and stretches that you can do, many without even having to stand up. All it takes is a simple Google search to find ways to keep your activity level up during the day. Just a simple thirty minutes of easy exercise a day can help keep your health up.
  3. Only spending your time on leisure activities: It can be tempting to spend all of your time watching television and playing video games. We live in a high stress world, and having the opportunity to avoid using our brains is very welcome to most of us.
    1. How To Make It Better: Of course taking a break and relaxing your brain is a good, but it’s still important to keep up your mental exercises as well. Doing the homework assigned to us is very important at this time. As well as keeping up on our assignments, taking time to read and practice critical thinking is a good way to keep yourself at peak mental condition.