Student Council Districts

Julia Leventis, Feature Editor

   On Thursday, October 18th, RHS Student Council (STUCO) members participated in Districts held at the Salem High School. Districts is an opportunity given to STUCO members from various councils to learn new ways of empowering themselves and their schools. According to freshman Meimona Ibrahim, there were many qualities to like about districts.

   “I got to meet a ton of great people and learn about fun and interesting school traditions other schools partake in,” Ibrahim said.

   In addition to the new experiences Ibrahim got to engage in, she loved getting exposed to the energy of RHS members as well as the energy other schools added into the educational experience. 

   “I knew from what I heard from my siblings that it was a fun experience and you do a lot of fun and crazy cheers. So I did have a few expectations going in, but they were definitely surpassed. I learned a lot about what it means to be in STUCO and how awesome our group is,” Ibrahim said.