Professional athletes giving back

Brandon Kirchner, Sports Editor

 In the world of professional sports, many athletes make millions of dollar per year off of their team contract, and even more off of endorsements or sponsorships. With all of the money these athletes are earning, many perform generous deeds for their local community or charity foundations. These deeds span many different circumstances, from raising millions of dollars for disaster relief efforts, building schools in third world countries, or even just donating school supplies for children living in poverty. These deeds speak volumes for their generous and kind nature.

  One of the most polarizing figures in the world of sports is NBA star Lebron James. Not only is he one of the greatest athletes to ever play in the NBA but he is also one of the most charitable. From establishing his successful Lebron James Family Foundation has goals of improving the lives of children living in poverty through educational and co-curricular educational incentives. Not only that but recently this year Lebron spearheaded an effort to create a free public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school is entirely free and will have 240 students to attend, his foundation and the city of Akron spent a total of 41 million dollars on the project.

  Another very charitable athlete is tennis legend Serena Williams. Through her foundation, The Serena Williams Fund, she has long been involved in the community. The foundation has built schools in Kenya and Jamaica, and has filled classrooms with supplies in Williams’s hometown of Compton. She also launched the Yetunde Price Resource Center to provide resources, referral and case management services to individuals and families affected by community violence. She has done much for her local community and in international affairs through her generous deeds.

  2017 Sportsperson of the year was JJ Watt, star defensive player for the Houston Texans. After Hurricane Harvey hit the southern part of the USA, it left billions of dollars in damage and many people without a home. JJ Watt raised over 37 million dollars for disaster relief efforts after only having a goal of 200 thousand dollars initially. Add that to his already charitable acts with his foundation titled Justin J. Watt Foundation, the foundation provides children with after-school activities that gets them focused on the sport environment instead of other darker scenarios. He also invites underprivileged children to practices and games to have fun with the team. JJ Watt has definitely earned his title of 2017 Sportsperson of the year through his charitable deeds and actions.