Homecoming dance happening on October 16

Angela Yang

It’s that exciting time of the fall semester: Rolla High School is once again getting ready for Homecoming, which will be from 8-11pm on October 16. With the school celebrating its 150th anniversary, this occasion is looking to be quite special. Along with the unique theme “There’s No Place like Homecoming,” this year’s event will also bring a notable change in scenery, as it will be held in the high school back parking lot rather than in the middle school.

Senior Emily Yoakum, the president of the Student Council, gave some insight as to why this decision was made.

“We usually have Homecoming inside the gym at the middle school, but this year we’re going to have it outside just because of COVID and everything,” said Yoakum.

Such a drastic shift in scenery will present both challenges and opportunities for the organizers. “I wish we could have it inside instead, just because you can decorate more and you don’t have to worry about the weather. But I think it’s going to be really cool – having Homecoming outside is something we’ve never done before, so I’m anxious to see how it turns out,” said Yoakum.

Without the need for extensive interior decorations, though, preparing for the event may go a bit smoother.

“It might be easier to do it in the parking lot, since we don’t have to change the scenery as much,” said sophomore Emma Stoltz, a member of the decorating committee.

A big point of interest is the decorations that will be set up around the lot.   “We’re gonna have a big white tent and heater lamps in case it’s cold. We’re going to get some chalk, and since it’s on pavement, we’ll be able to draw ‘Wizard of Oz’ designs on the dance floor. We’ll also have some fairy lights put up in the tent, and some tables with some cute little ‘Wizard of Oz’ displays,” said Yoakum

Stoltz also added details about the food that will be provided.

“A lot of stuff we’re doing is with the snack table. We’re trying to dress up the food and tables, since there’s not as much we can do with decorating the parking lot. We’re also trying to get ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed food,” said Stoltz.

In order to get the school ready for the celebration, Student Council will be hosting an assembly on Friday during seventh hour.

“We’re running some games, and we’re going to have a lot of fun things. I’m excited,” said sophomore council member Hayden Hawkins.

The Homecoming queen coronation will be held during halftime of the football game on October 15, and the King Coronation will take place at 10pm during the dance. The dress attire for this event will be semi-formal/casual, so make sure to dress accordingly.

“I’m excited to see everybody dressed up, the whole thing decorated, and our hard work all completed,” said Stoltz.